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Our dear friends from Thematic Media once tasked us to draw layouts for Dribbler, social network for soccer fans. This network serves for publishing multimedia contents, discussing matches, rating players of favorite teams, forecasting match results and much more.

“We have several templates that we tried using for modeling the layout for soccer fans’ networks but we ended up with crap. Your GUI kungfu is able to produce far better stuff and we want Dribbler to really rock :)” Denis Kryuchkov, Thematic Media

We decided to make light text-based design with minimum graphics and with large headlines. For a real soccer fan the juicier the content, the better and all bells-and-whistles can wait.

Site's home page Site’s home page

Dribbler’s hallmark is the information board similar to the one of a real stadium. Sometimes it displays truly valuable information in a specially designed font.

Information board

And sometimes, not so valuable:


In its essence, the Dribbler’s pages are made of different information blocks that fit together as in Trefl puzzle. We have used all of our affection to draw each and every one of them individually:

Trefl puzzle

And even if the headings seam to be simple green text, every one of them has a cute icon:


User’s filter was shaped as a toolbar:

User's filter

And Clubs section accommodated both the toolbar and a dropdown filter:

Clubs dropdown filter

We have carefully penciled many internal pages. Here is just a small part of them:

List of soccer clubs List of soccer clubs
Post a new topic Post a new topic (“feint” as they call it in Dribbler)
Player's profile Player’s profile
Match result Match result
List of users List of users
User's profile User’s profile

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