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LiveJournal.app is a free client of LiveJournal for the Apple’s iPhone designed to enable iPhone users post into their blogs and send/receive private messages. This fabulous application was developed by CosySoftware. We were tasked with drawing the main icon and a loading screen based on the LiveJournal’s corporate style.

“I am facing a problem here — the corporation is killing me, they make me change the icon and the loading screen to better resemble the LiveJournal’s brand. If I give in to their ideas, I will get a white buckle with a logo, which is the last thing I want to have.” Ilya Dronov, CosySoftware

As it turns out, drawing simple things is a rather complicated task. At first it seems like taking the pencil from LiveJournal’s style and redrawing it for iPhone would be an easy thing to do. But the application already had a pretty style and we had to make it even better.

We started off with the loading screen:

LiveJournal.app loading screen

Then we used the motives of the loading screen to create the icon, which would fit right in into the iPhone’s native icon environment:

LiveJournal.app icon

And here is the main icon in action. It seems to be begging: “Push me! And then just touch me!”

LiveJournal.app icon

Now every happy iPhone owner can install a free version of LiveJournal.app from its product page on iTunes.

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