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Ingeniux Corporation developed a content management system fully based on XML and gave it a plain and simple name – Ingeniux CMS. Clearly, why bother calling it anything else? Everything has got to be plain and simple in this business. Moreover, the main users of this system are educational institutions and large businesses. Turbomilk designers decided not to add any complications to that and drew a plain and intuitive interface.

Ingeniux cms-0small
Screenshot of the system prior to Turbomilk’s involvement

We pondered over and expressed our vision of the design in such little and laconic picture:

Ingeniux cms-1
We have enlivened the standard Windows XP interface a little bit with our customized elements without any oddly looking items

The client enjoyed our offer and we have redrawn the whole interface:

Ingeniux cms-2small

About Ingeniux

Ingeniux was founded in 1999 by a team of Microsoft veterans who met while developing the Web publishing technology for MSNBC, the Web’s largest news site. MSNBC’s need to massively repurpose content in multiple formats and for multiple publishing partners provided the inspiration for Ingeniux CMS, an XML-based Web content management solution that inherently addresses the challenges of managing complex, content rich Web sites. XML is the key to the Ingeniux solution, providing the ability to cost-effectively structure content, format it for delivery to any target, and easily transport information to and from the enterprise.

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