About Us: team

Yegor Gilyov / Designer, Partner

The most serious-minded and organized designer. Yegor keeps track of all minute details and achieves outstanding results. He is a guru of icon-building and he truly earned the Grand Prix of Pixelpalooza — the international icon contest. Besides being a talented designer, Yegor proves to have wonderful managerial abilities. Turbomilk’s development strategy was largely crafted by him. And we have no doubt that this strategy will lead us to success. Also, he is a brilliant project manager.


characters Sinbad Noble thoroughbred Cat-aviator

icons Intuit QuickBooks for Mac 2011 Financial application icons for Mac OS

icons Oversun-Scalaxy Icons for a hosting and cloud computing company.

icons Intuit Customer Manager Original style icons with special guidelines

interfaces 1C:Enterprise Interface of application intended for automation of enterprise activities

web_sites Microsoft Web Platform A piece of microsoft.com

icons Ingeniux Icons for content management system

icons Metrics Icons for computer games developers

icons EMA Solid all-metal icons with a reflection

interfaces Ingeniux CMS Interface for content management system

identity InvisibleCRM Family of logos


downloads Underwater Complete set of ocean deep icons

downloads Wallpaper and icons for Alfa-Bank Desktop decorations for clients and bank partners