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Noble thoroughbred Cat-aviatorTravel

Creators of online ticketing system “Sinbad” decided that they just need a noble thoroughbred Cat-aviator as a mascot of their company. You can learn why the cat was chosen as mascot and other details of the project by reading the post in our blog: “How we drew a character for Sindbad”. And here is what we got, such a luxury cat:


Cat “Sinbad” is not only a pilot, but sometimes he also works as a dispatcher.


Welcome screen for iPad application “Sindbad”:

Welcome screen for iPad application Sindbad

About Sinbad

The company “Sinbad” is selling tickets for the flight to anywhere in the world on airplanes of the leading international and Russian airlines since 1995.

Project participants

  • Yegor Gilyov — Senior Designer
  • Evgeniya Rodina — Illustrator

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