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Brain Slug for Habr

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Even on such web resource as Habrahabr it happens that a visitor finds himself on a page that does not exist. In this case the server sends a 404 error message. In order to somewhat sweeten the troubled user, we decided to draw a funny picture.

People at Habr love UFOs and Futurama cartoon series. So we have picked the plot for the picture where a habrauser is attacked by a brain slug. (drama)

Brain Slugs are small, the size of a fist, single-eyed aliens of fluorescent-green color. They try to get on top of a man’s head and once there, they assume total control over the individual. Once the slug is removed from the head, the victim momentarily returns into his normal condition.

Beside the presence of a slug on top of the head, an invaded victim can be easily recognized due to monotonous voice and the manner of addressing himself in the third person. Having gained the control over a person, the brain slug tries to manipulate him to maximize the invasion of his mates over the largest number of victims possible. Brain slugged people have even organized their own political party with the main agenda to make huge transfer of funds in favor of the Brain Slug planet and complete global infestation. List of secondary Futurama characters (Wikipedia.org)

Like always, we started with pencil sketches:

Brain Slug sketches

Then we selected the right direction (canonic Habrauser image) and redrew everything from scratch but nicely and with attention to detail:

Brain Habra-Slug

Now landing on a missing page in Habr is loads of fun. You should try it someday.

We were so carried away with sketching slugs that yet another image of Habra life was produced. We decided to picture the historic meeting of a brain slug with a UFO.

Slug and UFO

Some might disagree: “The slugs got no mouth there! It is covered by tentacles”. But it is our slug and we draw it the way we want!

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