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Energized character and logo for a freelance designer from NorwayDesign

There are many large names among Turbomilk’s clients: software engineers, design studios and other serious organizations but sometimes we are approached by creative loners or freelance designers.

Once we received a letter from the marine country of Norway from a designer named Gunder Eriksen, the owner of framebase.com and a rather creative and positive person with good sense of humor. Mr. Eriksen needed a logo for his site and an energized vivid character. He did not have a clear vision of the character and that’s why we started off with plain sketches: any visual aids that could develop into some good idea further on. So, first went funny monsters, striped lizards and little chameleons:


We even drew a baby octopus holding a pencil:


But that was not just it…

At this stage Mr. Eriksen himself got actively involved into the project and suggested that we emphasized on a human-like character. Frankly, our client appeared a kind of bold person who suggested using himself for prototyping! The task for an illustrator got simplified and complicated at the same time — we needed to come up with a superhero (just like from Marvel’s comics), which would remind Gunder of himself. And the work started humming!

Thus, we created a designer superhero armed with a symbol of designer’s creativity — a pencil.


But it still was not what we needed for being too static, where we wanted some agility and motion. So we drew two more sketches. First came out an intrepid designer astronaut in a spacesuit and with a new-generation plasma pencil!


Here it is worth mentioning that Mr. Eriksen was very meticulous about his role in the project when it came to supplying us with strengths and weaknesses of each sketch, which helped us a lot in progressing on this project.

So this final sketch featured a flying Super Designer with a flaming pencil in his hand. Dashing and creative!


It pleased everyone and the project assumed its final stage. The character was drawn in Marvel’s comics’ style; it got himself a small planet and Framebase inscription. Here is the final cut:


Project participants

  • Evgeniya Rodina — Illustrator

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