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If you are searching for the optimum visual style of your software or, let’s say, a web application, you came to the right spot. Design of user interfaces is our calling.

Custom icon design

Storebrand Ingeniux ArrowModel

We can do it really well. In 2004 one of the founders of TurboMilk Yegor Gilyov was awarded one of the main prizes in Pixepalooza contest for his Underwater set of icons. By perusing our portfolio you may learn that our other works demonstrate the same level of professionalism.

If you are interested in the insider’s look at the icon design, you may like our article “Designing an iconic language“.

Logotype design

InvisibleCRM ArrowModel Autokadabra

Branding in the digital environment is different from the traditional branding, and logotypes of digital products require new approaches in creation based on the specifics of the environment. Our talent to create vivid and memorable icons comes really handy.

Character design

Brain Slug for Habr Fork for TravelMenu Smynx

We are well aware that software has no soul, no intellect and no feelings. It is nothing more than a set of commands: zeros and ones. But sometimes it masquerades as something living and even tries to demonstrate character! The users believe what they see… And they see what we draw!

Visual interface design

Ingeniux CMS Sportbox Nivaria

We are convinced that a good interface has all of its pixels in the right places, and it is our job to place all of the pixels appropriately.

We do interface design of both web applications and of traditional desktop applications for Windows and Macintosh.

You may learn more about the benefits of customized visual design from the article “Visual interface style: uniform or custom tailoring?“.

Web design

ArrowModel Microsoft Web Platform TravelMenu

In Web 2.0 era it is extremely challenging to draw a clear line between web application and web sites. Sites become more and more complex pushing the interactions to the new heights. We can help you make this interaction pleasant and useful in all respects.

The way we operate


Our office is located in Samara and we deal with the clients from all over the world. To ensure seamless cooperation we use Basecamp — the online project collaboration system, which allows us to demonstrate work in progress to our clients on all stages of production and discuss further actions to attain best results possible.

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If you are interested in our services or need some information, send your inquiry to: