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In order for you to be able to estimate future costs, we calculated the fixed prices for creating standard GUI elements.


The price for an icon is size dependent (in pixels). “Why is that? In the 21st century all icons are vector!” — some of our clients wonder. The point is that the intensity of the icon production process is sensitive to the level of detail, which is generally defined by the icon size. Through years of experience we have established the following rates:

16×16 $90
24×24 $120
32×32 $150
48×48 $180
64×64 $300
128×128 $420
256×256 $510

And what if we need icons in several sizes? Despite the common misunderstanding, the presence of vector source files does not allow applying some magic in scaling the icons for any size there is. Every additional size adds to more meticulous work (if the quality matters to you, of course). Our friend and colleague Josh Williams wrote a great article on this subject: Icon Design: Bitmap vs Vector. Therefore for such combo icons we have a special pricelist:

32×32 16×16 $210
24×24 16×16 $180
48×48 32×32 16×16 $300
32×32 24×24 16×16 $270
48×48 32×32 24×24 16×16 $360
256×256 48×48 32×32 16×16
(Windows Vista Desktop Icon)

“But many icons in our set have a lot of similar elements. Probably such icons cost less?” — someone might ask. In fact virtually any large set of icons feature similar elements. This is the logic behind building the visual language (see our article Designing an iconic language). That’s why our fixed prices are already adjusted for this factor and any additional discounts are offered only in some really extreme cases.


If you need a visual interface design in general, an average quote for the main screen can amount to $2 000, and another $500 for each additional screen.

This formula is applicable to interfaces of web applications and web sites. If we are talking about traditional desktop applications for Windows or Mac, please provide us with more details about your project and we will come up with a quote for your project based on our experience.


Some people think that a logo is merely a large icon. We strongly disagree. Creating a logo is much more creative and in-depth process. We charge $1 850 for this job.

It goes without saying that the main icon comes in all needed formats and sizes as a part of the logo package.


An ideal way to enliven a website or an application is to place a lively character there. We are all living beings so we are naturally more pleased to interact with living creatures. A character may express some emotions or strike some fanciful poses, or even say something. The cost of creating a unique character is $1 850.

Hourly rate

All our prices are based on the hourly rate of a designer $55. In most cases we can negotiate to apply our hourly rate to calculate the project cost. Oftentimes this way of budgeting allows lowering the cost especially for customized tasks (which sometimes are easier to perform than adequately assessed in advance). On the other hand, while applying the hourly rate the client assumes the risk for any “skidding” in the course of the project.

Additional terms

Unfortunately we do not engage in orders priced lower than $1 000. Otherwise we would not be able to pay due attention to our main clients. Thank you for understanding.

The way we operate


Our office is located in Samara and we deal with the clients from all over the world. To ensure seamless cooperation we use Basecamp — the online project collaboration system, which allows us to demonstrate work in progress to our clients on all stages of production and discuss further actions to attain best results possible.

The way to contact

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