Services: FAQ

1. How much time will the project take?

This depends on our current backlog, volume of order and project specifics. Generally, it is earlier to define the things that do not affect the project timeframe, since it is sensitive to virtually anything.

However there is one tricky way to assess the tentative time of performing a generic project in vacuum. We take the project’s budget (at our fixed rates) and divide it by 300. The answer represents an immoderately optimistic scenario (in working days). Doubling the answer will get you the moderately pessimistic scenario.

2. How does the project workflow look like?

We use Basecamp, an online system providing for interaction with clients on all our projects. The system is used to demonstrate interim results to our clients on all stages of development in order to discuss the work and define further improvements to get even better results.

3. Do you provide several versions of design (a few versions of an icon, page or interface) to choose from?

As a rule, no. We consider it a vicious practice. We produce one version incorporating our best concepts on the correct solution to the task. Then we polish it based on the commentary. If necessary, we redo it from scratch.

4. How many iterations do your fixed rates provide for?

Generally we do not formally limit the number of iterations. We work until we finally got it right based on the common sense of all parties involved. However, if we originally agreed upon drawing a “whistle” and then, once of a sudden, the client wants a “drum” — we may apply a mutually agreed additional payment for such cases. But this happens rarely.

5. Our project is top secret. We would like to order a visual design from you but we cannot say a word before you sign an NDA.

Many of our projects are like that. BTW, that’s why our portfolio includes just a few of our projects. We got used to standing outside of the limelight and seeing the real fame pass by. So send in your NDA — we will sign it. However, we would be grateful for an opportunity to publish the work in our portfolio once the project is complete.

Our Services

If you are searching for the optimum visual style of your software or, let’s say, a web application, you came to the right spot. Services we offer:

  • Icon design
  • Visual interface design
  • Logotype design
  • Character design

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