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We consider iPhone to be a pretty and handy gadget; hence all the iPhone’s apps should also be pretty and handy. Therefore, if you face a task of fixing graphics to your iPhone application, we have a special offer for you.

Application’s logo and its main icon

How do we go about developing a visual style for an application? Of course we start off with the logo. We gather that a good logo is a good start! Once you have a pretty and unique logo, we will be about to make the icon for the Sringboard and a special big icon for iTunes coupled with a snazzy loading screen. For your convenience we offer the complete set (logo, icon, loading screen) at a fixed price of $1 500 .

Logo Logo
Application's icon Application’s icon
Loading screen Loading screen
$1 500 

Maybe you already have a logo? In this case we are open for negotiation. Send us your logo and we will quote you on developing the required graphic elements based on the existing logo.


We have a special price list for the icons used in the iPhone’s interfaces:

Options Options icon = $85 per icon

Tab Bar Tab Bar icon = $85 per icon


Apple’s designers have created pretty control elements for the iPhone’s interface: Our task is to place all these elements in order with pixel precision. This painstaking job is priced at $200 per screen.

Application's screen Application’s screen = $200

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