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Fork for TravelMenu

Scullion Fork with unhealthy complexionTravel | Web portal | Startup

For TravelMenu project we needed a cute character for animating catering services and sputtering different phrases. The client really admired the MS Word’s clip-shaped helper and it served as a prototype for the fork-chef.

TravelMenu Fork-sketch1Nice fork, is it not?

The client enjoyed the sketch so much that we made a decision to embody the character in color and volume.

TravelMenu Fork1Don’t ask us why the fork is green. This is the way it turned out. So what? Green is good!

It is proposed that our character will appear on the pages of the site and talk about things. It will be more exciting to present this fork in various poses.

TravelMenu Fork3Sketches of loitering forks

And this is a finished version of a couch-potato fork:

TravelMenu Fork2

Project participants

  • Nikolay Komarov — Illustrator

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