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Cheerful little fellows as illustrations for the siteWeb 2.0 | Web portal | Social Network

Once we’ve been approached by a client from as far as sunny Australia named Andrew Boon, the owner of Boonex.com. His company produces specialized software products and helps in developing complex projects such as social networks, blogs, web communities and dating sites. Besides, this is also a large portal with a multitude of talking and useful information.

The client requested to draw 16 mid-size vivid illustrations picturing little fellows that add to the overall friendliness and positive atmosphere of the portal.

This time we need a few well detailed icons, high quality, as they work as a sale-pitch. Something of high detail level.

Icons for “membership levels” — Starter, Advanced, Premium, Moderator, Agent, Admin. So they are similar in theme, but should distinguish levels somehow. There are 16 icons. Andrew Boon, Boonex

We started off with sketches:

Sketches for Boonex

Close but not the cigar. We kept searching.

The following group of sketches is done in a different, more cartoonish manner.

Sketches for Boonex

A happy man (Starter profile) is excited about opening a software package.

Sketches for Boonex

Advanced profile — a more experienced user, relaxed and a bit complacent.

Sketches for Boonex

We add serious girls to the Agent profile and get a comment from Andrew:

Looks good!

Although I really like the style of both men and women, I’d ask you to stick to “males” for now, just to be sex-consistent throughout the line. We may however have another line for “female” icons for entire set though.

So, with novice and advanced — I like them, in their standing positions, so please develop on that. Have the same “guy” in Agent suit, etc. Andrew Boon, Boonex

This comment lifted our morale and we kept working further. :)

The decision was made to draw little people in the suggested style but full-size. And here is what we got:

Boonex Starter

Starter. Based on the client’s description, the little fellows had to be placed against transparent background with a shadow hinting at the environment. Pure minimalism.

Boonex Advanced

Advanced. A user with a notebook and a little tux-clad fellow for the Premium account.

Boonex Agent

Agile Agent with a cell phone and a Moderator wearing a splash suit. As you can guess, the moderator has a tough job to do! :)

Boonex System Administrator

Brave savior of everything the System Administrator holding a magic wand. The guy just comes in and fixes everything in total silence! :)

Boonex Partners

In the process of working with the icons, characters become more complex and additional features appeared. Here is how Partners look like.

Boonex About

Boonex’s logo in the About icon.

Boonex Market

Let’s go shopping into the Market area.

Boonex Support

Got a problem? A fellow from the Support section will always be able to help you out!

Boonex Web-site

The Web-site icon.

Boonex Account

Account — access to the personal data and profile.

Boonex Blogs

Blogs, bloggers and the readers in the Blogs category.

Boonex About Us

Little fellow from About Us.

Boonex Forums

Forums icon.

Boonex Members

And finally — Members icon.


Close-up on a page fragment.


So please visit Boonex.com to meet all of the little people we created.

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