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Once upon a time, two very mysterious fellas arrived into our office from the capital of our nation. They told us about their plans to create a large and interesting portal about the Moscow’s lifestyle. They had themselves some prototypes too! We have gotten extremely exciting to participate in such a large-scale project and went straight to work.

“We’ve attempted to come up with a set of unified content units — i.e. we were worried that the units with places, events and topics and other things were too scattered in the prototype. Could we have this stuff unified to improve the overall usability of the page?” Wondered Nick Zayarniy in the midst of the project meeting

The portal’s structure appeared daunting — endless menus and sub-menus, multiple pages. We had to make things look as though everything was nice and easy — in the best traditions of Web 2.0

We have finally generated a calm well-balanced template with contents put right upfront.

Home page Home page

Then, we proceeded with internal pages

We have drawn a set of unique icons for the site:

Icons for homepage.ru

One of the zestful features of Homepage.ru is that all events come up before the user right on the map. It is so cool.

Map on homepage.ru

We have created special customized dropdowns for the geotargeting (pardon the lingo).

Geotargeting homepage.ru

Homepage.ru is a lively, constantly evolving project. New pages, units, and sections appear every now and then. Developers always come to us for new imagery. So here is how the “crisis” appeared!

About crisis

…and this is a New Year’s snowed-in header…

New Year's snowed-in header

…or check out this banner for a competition.


We totally enjoyed working on this project. And would like to take this opportunity to extent thanks to our two mysterious fellows mentioned in the beginning of the post.

Project participants

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