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One day the people from the Moscow-based travel agency “MrTour’s” realized that they do not really like their logo. They did not get overly upset; instead they strung themselves up and made a decision to change the logo. The old company’s identity looked tidy but boring:


The logo should induce the taste of celebration. One should get warm and cushy inside from the look of it. It should evoke the thoughts about vacation not work. Alexandr Nogin, MrTour

So, we had to conceptualize and draw a new logo. The most attentive readers among you may have already started asking themselves: “What a logo design story is doing in the section on characters?” The fact of the matter is that the name itself “MrTour” kind of tells us: “Guys, draw a character!” So we started sketching.


I made the first sketches of the logo without text; it was more like the character part of the logo. The way I pictured a traveler: it should be a man coming to some sunny resort, hence are the shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. Shades, pith helmet and a camera should add some resemblance to the traditional tourist’s look. Other views can include a rubber ring, a tropical flower wreath, etc. These details are not critical, and the important thing is that the character should be bright and positive. Evgeniya Rodina, Turbomilk


An option would be placing the tourist on a camel or some other transport:


To avoid sticking to one look, we tried some alternatives. For instance, we sketched an extremely dynamic traveler rushing towards new experiences or this languishing lady sipping cocktail at the poolside.


To our great fortune, the client supported our idea about the character. The traveler with suitcases was mostly welcomed. So we continued tweaking the details.


Once the sketches were approved by the client, we used all of our affection to meticulously draw a colorful and rosy-cheeked MrTour:


The character came out so cool but still wanting a text part for the logo so it could be used as a brand identity. We suggested three optional inscriptions:


The inscription we created did not appear like text but rather a decoration from palm leaves for our character.


Our client was very pleased by the result and we decided to further exploit the idea. This lead to the creation of a set of mini illustrations that now appear on some pages of MrTour’s site, which by the way also came out from our studio.


This is how it happens: you start with a logo but end up drawing a whole bunch of things. We loved working on this project and really enjoyed the result.

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