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Guys from inVenture Internet incubator have come up with an outstanding web 2.0 startup curiously named Yagoodza:

“We are surrounded with things: they adorn our lives and make us happy, we have memories associated with them, we turn them into presents and receive them as gifts, we exchange them or simply give them away, we select them from a multitude of other things.

Yagoodza helps in finding out the most important aspects about things: what does not appear on the Internet stores or forums. Yagoodza is a project about things and the people’s attitude towards them.”

Ruslan Majitov, project author

How do we move lists of real-life things into a virtual world without losing a bit of impressions? The masterminds behind Yagoodza developed a system where every user is represented by his own stuff. The things are comprised into lists. The lists help to avoid seasonal hysteria and bustle. Makes sense!

“Yagoodza helps in making a choice. The problem of choice that everybody has encountered during his life is addressed with simplicity: you create lists of things and discuss them with your friends – happy owners of the same stuff or connoisseurs and experts that can offer better things.”

Turbomilk has readily embarked on this mission: solving the task of designing the service. We wanted to make a convenient but still transparent interface in order to accentuate on the vivid content of the site.

It all started with the corporate style. We developed and drew a serious logo:

The frowning glance hints at the fact that things should always be carefully organized into lists. Tidiness is everything!

The corporate style set the pace for the rest of the project. We have spent six months defining the interactions between the objects of the site, discussing them with the developers and drawing a screen after a screen.

We started working on the interface with ideas and sketches:

We created the main mechanisms and continued with the visual style. The result was fancy and joyful:

Then we moved to internal pages and dynamic elements:

…without forgetting the service scenarios:

What social network can live without a designers’ zest? Our response is a carpet of the cherished fetishes against the background:

In the world of Yagoodza, just like everywhere else, the mass conservation law applies. Therefore we added some magical entourage for introducing of new things. Abracadabra and voila:

In 2008 designers of Turbomilk drew over a hundred of pages and elements for our beloved Yagoodza:

While we were drawing, the New Year came by. And Yagoodza got its share of Christmas spirit in the header:

We are particularly happy that the project is alive and kicking. “Secret Firmy” magazine recently reported on Yagoodza. Also the project was detected in bestwebdevs.ru as best web 2.0 site.

Project participants

  • Igor Koroluk — Creative Director

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