Large icons for Edopter

icons Edopter

Large icon-illustrations for social trendcastingWeb 2.0 | Social Network | Startup


identity Dribbler

Character logo for a football fans communityWeb 2.0 | Sport | Social Network | Startup


characters Smynx

Cute character for social networkWeb 2.0 | Social Network

Brain Slug for Habr

characters Brain Slug for Habr

Illustrations for famous geek's siteWeb 2.0 | Social Network


web_sites Dribbler

Social network for soccer fansWeb 2.0 | Sport | Social Network | Startup


icons Livejournal.app

iPhone application iconWeb 2.0 | iPhone | Social Network


identity Iconfinder

Logo-icon for search serviceWeb 2.0

Interface for Iconza

interfaces Interface for Iconza

Interface of web application with customizable iconsWeb 2.0 | Startup


icons GraphicRiver Web Set Icons

Icon set for web apps in three sizesWeb 2.0 | Web portal


web_sites Yagoodza

А fancy social network for those in love with thingsWeb 2.0 | Web portal | Social Network

Badges for Habr

icons Badges for Habr

Badges for social network with RPG elementsWeb 2.0 | Social Network

Illustrations for Boonex.com

characters Illustrations for Boonex

Cheerful little fellows as illustrations for the siteWeb 2.0 | Web portal | Social Network

Important Notice

Unfortunately this page does not feature all of our clients. There is a whole range of wonderful companies that we work with but are unable to disclose the details of our cooperation due to signed NDAs. We hope that someday these clients will let us tell the World about our work. Until then we will keep our relationship classified.