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“Why don’t you draw us some badges!” – told us our friends from Habr. “No problem! We’ll get right to it!” – we responded – “BTW, what are the badges?” Later we learned that badges are some sort of pins just like icons that are used for awarding users for their merits.

Badges represent a system of awards available to habr-users for decorating them for certain achievements. Badges are given automatically and are visible in the users’ profiles. Help Manual / Harbahabr

We were given a list of possible badges:

  • Author. User with over 10 published topics; rating of each topic should be over 50 points.
  • Star. User with over 20 published topics; rating of each topic should be over 50 points.
  • Legend. User with over 30 published topics; rating of each topic should be over 50 points.
  • Commentator. User with 5 posted comments; rating of each comment should be over 50 points.
  • Old-timer. User registered earlier than 3 years ago (at the time of measuring) with karma over 100.
  • Podcaster. User with over 5 habred podcasts.
  • Translator. User with over 5 habred translations.
  • Humorist. User with over 5 published topics in the “Humor on site” section.
  • Troll. User with karma less than -100.
  • Habred. User with karma over 0.
  • Habred-out. User with karma less than 0.

We spent quite some time thinking about badges: should they be like icons or medals or something else. Later Captain Obvious visited us opening our minds: we will draw badges as pins by using graphics with names! Why simple solutions come so hard?

In the process of sketching we were not completely sure about the metaphor for the Old-timer’s badge and we approached our colleagues from Thematic Media for help:

Here is our condition: Old-timer. User registered over 3 years ago (at the time of measuring) with karma over 100. In the essence these are very good and loyal Habr-users. Respected users. And the current version of the old-timer appears as an fluffy ET holding a sign when converted into vector.

Maybe you should work from something more manly, since these users have been around for over 3 years with karma over 100 and with respect gained from other users. We are talking about a handful of people who should not be ashamed of their badges but rather be proud of it. Maybe it will be a thousand times more obvious in curves but, guys, please avoid something as weird as this picture:


Laurentiy Kutsia, Thematic Media

As a result we drew the following sketches:

Once the sketches got approved, we carefully drew all the badges in the delicate Habra-palette:

You can take a look at the badges “in real life” in the list of people or in each individual habr-profile.

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