About Us: team

Olesya Kozlova / Designer, Project leader

In our business it’s often required to have a fair bit of attention to keep focused on all details of design. And sometimes we need to have a fresh look over our tasks to apply an unconventional solution. Olesya combines in herself both of these qualities. Her works are full of warmth and tenderness. Interfaces that she retouches become very cozy and one can use them for hours without any stress. They are organized, convenient and simple.


icons Qt Icons for mobile developers

interfaces 2GIS Mobile Mobile version of city information reference system

icons Badoo iPhone icons for mobile dating

icons Promethean Cute avatars for a learning application

icons Intuit QuickBooks for Mac 2011 Financial application icons for Mac OS

icons Partouche Extra-large icons on sports and casino

icons Badges for Habr Badges for social network with RPG elements

icons Accela Mobile Office Business icons for public servants on the move

identity MashLogic Firefox application logo

icons Autokadabra Icons for all the cars in the World

icons mIRC New icons for old good IRC-client

icons Storebrand Large and beautiful icon-illustrations


downloads Beijing 2008 5 Fuwa characters and Olympic logo

downloads Animal pins Metal pins with animals

downloads Zoom-eyed creatures 1 & 2 Icons with big eyes

downloads LiveJournal turns 10 Anniversary edition icons set