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Anastasiya Komleva / Designer, Illustrator

For as long as I remember myself I was always engaged in drawing. From my childhood. Whereas my favorite character as a child was a concrete personage and not some abstract princess — Alyoshka Korsak (Justine Bieber of the Soviet times from the highly acclaimed movie of all times in Russia: “Go, naval cadets, go!”)

And after Alyoshka everything was like a kaleidoscope: art schools, college (faculty of art), etc....

Apart from drawing I have two more main passions: modern choreography and downhill skiing. Cannot really live without it!

I also love books depicting the stories of the first part of the twentieth century and movies. Good movies. I adore cartoons! One day I will draw mine!


downloads Wallpaper and icons for Alfa-Bank Desktop decorations for clients and bank partners