About Us: team

Dmitri Joukov / Designer, Partner

There may be tasks that appear so puzzling that one cannot even decide where to start. And it can be quite discouraging. But not for Dmitri! Conducting research and discovering something new while digging to the core of the problem is his element. He does not get intimidated by difficulties and it may take several days for him to find a solution, but be sure — he will find one. He also likes public appearances. It won’t take long for him to set up a master class on drawing icons or to discuss our secret techniques in the blog.

In addition to icons, Dmitri is an auto enthusiast. He runs a blog about car styling and tuning.


interfaces 2GIS Mobile Mobile version of city information reference system

icons Holidays Calendar The best calendar in Appstore

icons Partouche Extra-large icons on sports and casino

icons Accela Mobile Office Business icons for public servants on the move

icons Intuit Customer Manager Original style icons with special guidelines

interfaces 1C:Enterprise Interface of application intended for automation of enterprise activities

interfaces Interface for Iconza Interface of web application with customizable icons

icons Edopter Large icon-illustrations for social trendcasting

icons Storebrand Large and beautiful icon-illustrations

icons Belkin Network USB Hub Windows Vista style icons for strange device


downloads Animals 6 cutest icons ever

downloads Wordpress: Wood vs. Steel WordPress-themed icons for ThemeForest