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We were once approached by DoubleGIS, a company engaged in the development of city information reference systems with a task to work out a graphic design for the mobile version of 2GIS application. The main requirements to the interface became the simplicity in use and the correct display on screens with customized resolutions. The application will be working on Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android. Sensor screens should provide for fintertip as well as stylus control. And the devices without sensor displays should do well with other controls (joysticks, buttons).

We started with the main screen, which allows to jump directly to the main functions of the program. We targeted the emotional design but with the set of requirements set by the brand book of DoubleGIS.

Main screen of the mobile application 2GIS Mobile Main screen of the mobile application

All the status icons of the main screen 2GIS Mobile All the status icons of the main screen

Then we started on the multitude of “internal” screens. Although it is a mobile application it holds a lot of functional capacity. We drew all kinds of buttons, icons, pointers and other graphics.

Reference guide and company profile 2GIS Mobile Reference guide and company profile

Virtual keyboard and an array of companies on the map 2GIS Mobile Virtual keyboard and an array of companies on the map

2D and 3D navigation 2GIS Mobile 2D and 3D navigation

Direction icons for the navigation 2GIS Mobile Direction icons for the navigation

Route making and preset routes for public transportation 2GIS Mobile Route making and preset routes for public transportation

Icons for public transportation, objects and others 2GIS Mobile Icons for public transportation, objects and others

Enhanced reality browser 2GIS Mobile Enhanced reality browser

Every screen was drawn for two screen resolutions to make sure that the graphics is vivid and clear on any phone.

2GIS Mobile

I took a look at the visualization in the portfolio and really enjoyed it—it’s several months of labor. It’s actually extremely pleasant to work with you. All of the sketches were full of great ideas and professionalism was obvious in all elements of the interface. Due to the 3-hour time difference I would sometimes get sketches for approval closer to the midnight, but they were fantastic and really pleasing! The result of several months of work is visible to hundreds of thousands users now and it’s magnificent! Thank you again and I am looking forward to further cooperation and good relations.

Dmitry Pilikov
2GIS user interface designer

About DoubleGIS

The company is the developer of reference guides with city maps. So far 2GIS is used by over 7.4 million people in over 80 cities of Russia. The mobile version of 2GIS contains:

  • topical information on over 600,000 companies (including municipal organizations like polyclinics, schools, traffic police, etc.): addresses, phones, emails, web sites, working hours;
  • The detailed 3D map indicating the number of stores, interblock routes, kiosks and fences;
  • Stops and public transportation routes.

All of the data on companies is checked by the company’s own call center and the data center specialists with updates available on the monthly basis. 2GIS maps are created by professional cartographers based on the recent satellite pictures with regular territory verification. During the first month from the moment of the official release of the beta version the mobile 2GIS was downloaded more than 100,000 times (the total for three platforms: Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile) with the average grade in Android.Market of 4.5

We would like to extend special thanks to Dmitry Pilikov, the UI specialist for DoubleGIS for his help and patience.

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