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Rabbit for 404 Festival

Sinister rabbit for a web developers’ festivalFestival

Our company is the organizer of 404 Festival held in Samara every fall. The event is remarkable from all perspectives except for one – it did not have a mascot until now. We felt like fixing it and created a special character for the fest.

We haven’t been thinking for too long and picked Rabbit-no-way for our mascot. Why so? Read about it in our article on “How we came up with and drew the mascot for 404 Festival”. And here is the Rabbit posing in all of its glory:

Lurking Rabbit is up to no good.

This Rabbit is a head biter.

Body-size Rabbit for hugging.

Rabbit turned out to be absolutely marvelous but one image is never enough. You need a whole rabbit infrastructure: labels, flyers, pointers, T-shirts, mugs, you name it.

Image for the afterparty to be used on flyers and labels.

Thematic visualization of the Fest’s lunch.

Label featuring the official Twitter hash tag of the Fest.

The real gem of the event was the three-meter plastic Rabbit-no-way:

Picture by Svetlana Vasilyeva

T-shirt with the Rabbit are neat, comfortable and warm!

Picture by Nikolay Koretskiy

Drinks in the official fest mug taste better and the tea stays hot longer!

The long winter evenings with this mug full of hot tea will bring up good memories about the Fest.

The most audacious of us were doing death defying acts by placing their heads into the Rabbit’s mouth. Fortunately, no accidents have been recorded.

Picture by Sergey Minkin

You are welcome to check out Rabbit-no-way in action pictured during the past 404 Fest of 2010 here.

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