About Us: team

Denis Kortunov / Designer, Partner

The pivotal point occurred to Denis when he realized that instead of generating dull and dreary design he could produce bright and resilient design. Since then all of his works were filled with rich and vibrant colors. Denis assiduously and responsibly tracks the workflow to ensure happiness and satisfaction at work. Only such working environment guarantees excellent results. He is also a great negotiator and problem solver.


identity Bingo.ru Logo for online shop

icons Webka Social Network Application Icon

characters Illustrations for Boonex Cheerful little fellows as illustrations for the site

characters Rabbit for 404 Festival Sinister rabbit for a web developers’ festival

icons Badges for Habr Badges for social network with RPG elements

characters MrTour Cheerful Mister Traveler

icons Begun Pictograms for the leader of web context advertising

identity MSDN TV Developers’ TV network logo

identity Infocont Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence system logo

interfaces 1C:Enterprise Interface of application intended for automation of enterprise activities

icons GraphicRiver Web Set Icons Icon set for web apps in three sizes

interfaces Interface for Iconza Interface of web application with customizable icons

identity Iconfinder Logo-icon for search service

web_sites Homepage.ru Moscowites' homepage

icons Livejournal.app iPhone application icon

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downloads Turbomilk Classic wallpapper Desktop background à la Turbomilk

downloads LiveJournal turns 10 Anniversary edition icons set