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Webka, a web application for the social networks recently became a millionaire: over a million of network users decorated their pictures with its playful frames. The author of the application, the renowned flasher of the Russian Federation Alexey “Ancle” Fedotov decided that the Webka’s icon did not excite him anymore, so a new one was meant to be developed.

The point is that Webka, my cross-platform application, desperately needs a pretty cross-platform identity in a shape of a pictorial iconic logo. We already have a prototype but its quality leaves a lot to be desired. The app has over 1000000 subscribers and nearly 60000 unique visits per day. And this is even without Odnoklassniki.ru

Alexey “Ancle” Fedotov

We decided to keep the succession with the old icon and leave the red stereo webcam as the main character. All we were left with is the choice of the composition:

Sketch of Webka icon

The client did not think twice and picked the first very simplistic version. Good choice! We drew the icon in various sizes and for various social networks. To tell you the truth in the process of drawing we replaced the playful peas with a noble tree.

Webka icon

Then we got carried away by the process and created icons for various seasons of the year.

Webka summer iconSummer

Webka fall iconFall

Webka winter iconWinter

Webka spring iconSpring

You are welcome to use Webka on Odnoklassniki, vkontakte and Moi Mir by Mail.ru.

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