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Turbomilk Classic wallpapper

Turbomilk Classic wallpapper

The necessity to present our company’s corporate wallpaper has been in the air for a while. But the policy of suppression and alienation has done its dirty business. Everything was going its own way and the Turbomilk fans’ desktops featured anything but the Turbo wallpaper. And so came the moment of truth! The efforts of our three turbo-designers now let you decorate your monitor’s screen with the right wallpaper. First Dmitry Joukov came up with the authentic Turbologo. Then Nikolay Komarov radically improved the apprearance of the logo. Then came Denis Kortunov who placed the Turbologo on a Turbobackground and did a voodoo thing in Photoshop. This resulted in a wallpaper of celestial beauty that really needs to be placed in each and every monitor.

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