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Zoom-eyed creatures 1 & 2

Zoom-eyed creatures 2

When a man works on a computer he looks into the monitor and sees various applications. We thought: “What if the applications could look back at the man with their large clear eyes?!” This idea lead to the creation of a free set of goggled Zoomeyes 2 icons meant to replace the default application icons.

Zoom-eyed creatures

If you ever get a feeling of being followed, this is quite normal. Do not worry, it’s not paranoia. You are being followed by a team of picked zoom-eyed creatures. They have popped their eyes and are full of attention.

Turbodesigner Olesia Kozlova have drawn a set of icons with the nicest goggle-eyed creatures — champions of staring contests. You are free to do whatever you want with them but be careful not to let them subdue your mind. Take this hypnotoad to start with.


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