About Us: team

Eugene Artsebasov / Designer

Eugene is a nice-looking young man with hardly predictable facial hair. Or so it seams, or so it doesn't. But, as a consequence, generally speaking or specifically addressing, however very possible! The following expressions also give you a glimpse at the positive side of Eugene:

  • Pasta as a courtesy;
  • Mud rooms and oars;
  • Sunny side up eggs.


icons Qt Icons for mobile developers

icons Badoo iPhone icons for mobile dating

icons Intuit QuickBooks for Mac 2011 Financial application icons for Mac OS

icons Oversun-Scalaxy Icons for a hosting and cloud computing company.

icons Intuit Customer Manager Original style icons with special guidelines

icons GraphicRiver Web Set Icons Icon set for web apps in three sizes

interfaces Interface for Iconza Interface of web application with customizable icons

characters Smynx Cute character for social network

icons Autokadabra Icons for all the cars in the World

icons Storebrand Large and beautiful icon-illustrations


downloads Monsters 7 monstroworld icons

downloads Space Invaders Scary space threats in iconic shapes