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How we came up with and drew the mascot for 404 Festival

Evgeniya RodinaAuthor: Evgeniya Rodina
27 August 2010

Mascot for 404 Festival

In the coming fall the next (third in a row) festival of web developers, Internet evangelists, designers and other supporters of the industry will be held in Samara. You are welcome to learn more about the event, its history, organizers and participants here and this article talks about the mascot we developed for the upcoming event.

Mascot for 404 Festival

Historically, the festival is held under the name of 404 error. For those of you keen to learn about the error hit this Wikipedia link , and we’d rather get back to the mascot.

Any user is familiar with this feeling of annoyance caused by the browser loading an empty page stating that the requested URL was “Not found”. Oops! Nothing, nada, zip. The browser sort of hints at your bad luck making you quip: NO WAY! Not surprisingly, the whole situation is begging for a special character.

abbit-no-way has been widely acclaimed throughout Runet. A brief history of the beast is described here. To make things clear, let’s just say it is a cunning and rather dangerous creature ruining all plans and perspectives. The Rabbit’s feats range from sinister quirks to biting heads off (Ouch!)

This is the original Rabbit as you might have guessed :)

And this is a true-to-life comic strip telling us about the Rabbit’s deeds :)

The organizers of 404 festival rightfully believed that there could not be a better mascot for the event than the Rabbit, so the designers went to rendering the character. It’s worth mentioning that the author of the original Rabbit-no-way approved our use of the idea within the framework of the festival.

Originally we cherished the idea of drawing our own version of the Rabbit. We even thought about creating a creature with just a slight resemblance to a rabbit: long ears and cutting teeth but still radically different from the original. We even pondered over making it green or striped as zebra!

The most important about the sketch was teeth and grabbing paws! But we had to trash this idea, since it would require going into explanations to the Internet public on the relationship of this weird monster to the aforementioned Rabbit-no-way.

The main thing was to convey the cunning and devilry of the Rabbit, its suspiciousness and funny fervor, hence is the attention to face details and the eyes. And, of course, the teeth that the beast will use to crash plans and high hopes.

After a short meeting colleagues have picked version No. 5 and the work went to rendering in color.

The character went out great and everyone liked it, so we rendered two more angles. Now we have a Rabbit in a head biting mode. Beware, it is extremely dangerous, keep off the monitor or it will bite your head off! :)

This one is reaching out. Here is how it ruins your plans!

And now, the final version of the Rabbit – fierce and atrocious monster rearing on its back pads like a grizzly, stomping on all your dearest hopes and trampling over even faint expectations!

We tried emphasizing on the ravenous incisors but later traded them for a set of common molars.


…and light!

Turbomilk considers this its duty to warn you on any possible consequences — should your plans fail to get implemented be sure that Rabbit-no-way was somehow involved in the matter!

We warned you, so don’t go around saying: NO WAY! :)

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Awesome Rabbit!

Reply @kortunov, 29 November 2010

whaaaa nice.

Reply Jens Nybacka, 14 April 2011

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