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Denis KortunovAuthor: Denis Kortunov
2 September 2008

DribblerOur friends from Thematic Media had an idea of creating a community of football fans with role-play elements. They came up with the name — Dribbler on their own but let us draw the logo for the project.

We wished to continue the line of TM’s logos and wanted a logo for Dribbler to resemble the logos of Autokadarba and Habrahabr. Both logos display the intertwined connections and portray the same idea of interweaving. For Dribbler it could be football boots, some kind of heap of boots :) Denis Kryuchkov, Thematic Media

First we wanted to digress from the idea of boots, since we could always set aside some time to draw them. And what else can be placed on a football site’s logo? A classic football was never an option, at least by itself. Maybe we could expand on the idea of global appeal in our times of globalization so to speak? Clearly, the "ball = the Globe" metaphor has become corny and we went the alternative way and drew a football field globe:

Dribbler Logo - sketch 1

It came out funny but we spotted a couple of problems. First, it was too bulky for a logo. Almost like wiki’s logo — hard to cram into a favicon. Secondly, what about the name — Dribbler? We sketched out a generic football site’s logo with no relationship to Dribbler. Maybe Dribbler needed not a mere logo but a character?

This idea has resulted into this creature:

Dribbler Logo - sketch 2

Dribbler is one but there are a lot of us in it. Interweaving and the whole kit and caboodle. Tangled hands and legs with some Buddhist face that we do not want you to worry about just yet.

Later we applied the hypothesis that a footballer does not really need a head and hands and drew this Frankenstein:

Dribbler Logo - sketch 3

Denis Kryuchkov from Thematic Media got frightened by our fantasizing and asked us not to send any more sketches but instead draw a footballer with multiple legs and a ball for a head. So we did:

Dribbler Logo - sketch 4

The client was really pleased with the character-like logo. And TM grabbed it by it’s hands and all the legs to place it on the site.

For EURO 08 we clad our Dribbler into the official uniform of the Russian team:

Dribbler Logo - sketch 5

We had so much fun working on this project and the end result made us really proud.

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