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How we came up with the name for Iconza and later made its logo

Denis KortunovAuthor: Denis Kortunov
3 June 2009

IconzaWe decided upon making a web application that would serve a collection of customizable icons. Any project needs a cool name and a logo. We started off with naming.

A project success lies half-way in its good name. The name should be original reflecting the essence of the project, not too long and pronounceable in most languages. A very important factor was that we had a Web project and we needed to secure the right domain name for it, provided it was still available.

So we started a brainstorming session. First, we have concentrated upon the key characteristics for our project: colored, repaintable, customizable, semitransparent, and flexible. We have spent hours thinking about animals and other creatures. The chameleon came to our minds first but it was trashed for being unoriginal. Later we came up with semitransparent creatures such as jellyfish. The English name “jellyfish” was discarded as unpronounceable for a Russian person. However the word “meduza” sounded like interesting. We turned it into meduzer and it became our first draft version.

Later, the fantasy of turbomilkers started generating “monsters”. Here are the ideas of Igor Koroluk:

I remembered the following words about recoloring/repainting: color/colour, tint, kaleidoscope, nuance, tinge, spectrum. And theme words to couple with: power, invaders, squids, space, lasers, ufo, technicolor (vivid, colorful), rgb, dope, itchy, funky. Later he came up with couples. Cool couples, such as colorspace, colorpower and tintorama have been bought out log ago of course. But I found some that have not been (I checked in .com zone): colorsquid, tintpower, rgbufo (I totally dig this six-letter abbreviation), itchycolors, colordope…

Valera Namazov demonstrated a systemic approach:

I have decided to get away from the theme of recoloring and work with Turbomilk relationship context. So I came up with the following table:

fire water
holy coffee
midnight lemonade
royal mojito
atomic juice
mint tea
banana syrup
? ?

My most favorable combinations were AtomicSyrup and FireLemonade. They were available in all zones.

I also thought a lot and made my contribution:

Kefir — a Turbomilk’s sibling. Later I moved to bacteria and microb from the kefir. They are semitransparent when watched through the microscope! And the miracle happened! Eureka! The Bacilla! was totally available. The thing is the correct inscription is bacilli or bacillus. But if you write bacilla, it will sound like slang sort of like killa, kinda and masta. There is even a picture in Wikipedia on the subject. We could draw an evil or funny character and do everything in microbial theme. Clearly the icons are small and microbes are also minute. And bacteria colonies in plastic round… things. Dropping tubes again!

Stas Smolyakov was concise and simply threw in the name Iconza.

All this was put to a vote of the Turbomilk board. Here are the results of the first round:

The first round was followed by the second that shuffled all the cards and pointed out the new leader:

This is how we came up with the name for our project. Iconza is a rather complicated name from the logo’s creating point of view for it is neutral and does not sound a theme that we could play around. There is no defined metaphor for the word “icon”. Actually we even cheered, since the limitations for picking a visual figure vanished.

First was the Valera’s version playing with the hint at the Asian theme in the name:

Dmitry Joukov came up with four sketches:

Iconza robot. Kind and very shy assistant to turbomilkers in iconbuilding with Bender-like hands.

Creature. Useless as pokemon creature. It reminds some icons from the set, the ones in circles.

Comet. Cool comet — a gift to turbomilkers from the deep corners of the Universe. It shines and glows sending us the message about its ET (literally) coolness.

TurboSnail. Character picturing our projects. When we have kerosene, we work our butts off, the rest of the time we slide down the office walls.

Eugene Artsebasov decided to draw not really a logo but a character. He has thought up a range of swindle-like pitchers hiding small merchandise inside there mackintoshes’ underlining. But inadvertently Eugene jumped over to the subject of flashers.

We really enjoyed the fourth flasher for being true-to-life and vivid. But we decided to concentrate upon the most important item and throw away the unnecessary details. Plus our logo really begged for whiskers as a symbol of male beauty and masculinity. After a range of minor corrections this was the logo that hit the spotlight:

Do you know that eating a carrot really improves your sight?! And this is exactly what you need to enjoy the rich palette of icons in Iconza. But let’s stop distracting ourselves. The next thing we came up with was the cool inscription that could be fitted under a carrot right below or to the right.

This normally ends the work over a logo but we enjoyed it so much that we decided to cloth a human being as a carrot. Said and done!

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Glad to be a part of it!

Reply prorender, 3 June 2009

Guys, you should really consider a merchandise shop. I would gladly buy T-shirts and Yegor’s prize winning characters or featuring the Iconza carrot. Credit cards and overnight delivery would be a plus! :)

Reply prorender, 3 June 2009

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