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Denis KortunovAuthor: Denis Kortunov
11 December 2008

SilverlighterOnce upon a time Microsoft invented a cross-browser cross-platform technology for developing rich interactive web applications based on .NET called Silverlight. Later appeared the people who liked the technology and they created Silverlighter, a community of Silverlight supporters.

All communities must have a logo and a richly designed website. The Silverlight supporters are progressive people with developed sense of style, therefore they would not settle just for something. As it happens, the Turbomilk designers responded to their calling.

“The logo should emphasize the Russian descent of the site and it should feature some recognizable elements of the official Silverlight logo”. Alexander Porubov, Silverlighter.

We have thought a little bit and drew a bold (even somewhat aggressive) logo with text in Russian (used to be written in English).

Silverlighter Logo

Based on the logo we drew the site. We decided to stick to the original style of Silverlight to keep the continuity of the family brand.

But what is the most important thing about a community site? Of course it is the forum! We drew special smileys to pep up the communication of developers.


We also created a presentation slide so that the site could be properly presented at various conferences.

As a result everybody is happy! And you will decide for yourself whether to use Silverlight or not.

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