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Denis KortunovAuthor: Denis Kortunov
24 May 2007

Sometimes our designers get tired of traditional interface art and get lured by something off-beat. Do not go for any second thought, everything it quite straight.


Eugene Artebasov has recently joined our team of designers. He behaves in the office as a decent and even intelligent person. He has shown himself to good advantage. But let’s take a closer look at him; let’s peek at his inner world. Oh God! There are monsters inside! Many monsters! Pretty and touching monsters. Eugene’s soul is large and he is ready to share his inner monstroworld. This world has brought to life the Monsters icon set. You can use these icons to scare kids to death right on your desktop. The monsters are for free and please feel free to use them at your discretion.


And Dmitri Joukov was inspired by the world of nature and came up with a set of icons titled Animals. Why that happened and who’s the one to blame — we would not be able to tell. But we sincerely believe that no animals suffered in the process. Now we have no reason to buy expensive tickets to the zoo. Iconic animals are no worse than the real ones and come for free.

And how can you use these icon sets? There are many options and everyone will find his own way. You can assign the Toothy Flower from Monsters to your My Documents folder and your Quarterly Report.doc may inherit a Squirrel from Animals. And then you can drag the file into the folder. Such seemingly regular activity has just turned into a real drama! And we all feel sorry for the Squirrel!

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