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A bottle… or not a bottle?

Dmitri JoukovAuthor: Dmitri Joukov
31 March 2006

bottle-bottle.jpgWe are a small office, and sometimes it happens that you fell all alone early in the morning or late at night. Working becomes impossible. Grief and sadness kick you off the working mood. We’ll get rid of this problem right away and make ourselves a new colleague, never hungry and never tired.

Many of you are likely to take good care of their health and order pure drinking water (it can be even iodized) delivered to your office in big nineteen-liter bottles. Those bottles are a gloomy and hideous sight, whatever measures dispenser designers take. Well, it’s all in our hands! Let me tell you…

We will need

  1. sticky notes (better if they are colored),
  2. scissors,
  3. a black permanent marker (the newer the better) and
  4. some topical headgear.


As you might have guessed, we are going to furnish the bottle with painted cut-out sticky notes. If you have none, you can use any kind of paper and cello-tape, and broad painting tape could be an alternative as well.

In order to get the feel of the whole thing, we’ll start with the easy stuff: with the eyes. Take two sticky notes of a suitable color and draw eyes on them, so that the gummed part is inside the eye. Cut it out of the paper against the contour and stick it to the bottle where you think the eyes should be. Ready? No? Okay, you still have a stack of stickies and a lot of ink in the marker. Try and you shall succeed.


Mouth is a little more difficult. You need many notes of a color suitable to be the mouth to stick them to the bottle below the eyes. The mouth has to be positioned horizontally. Now take the marker and draw the contour of the mouth (don’t forget about the gummed part). I would strongly recommend drawing the teeth as well. Ready? Take the scissors and cut off the spare stuff!


A lazy office-dweller will let out a sigh of relief here (as a sign that the work is finished), pat himself and go read the next blog with advice on alternative uses of office supplies.

In the meantime, we are making hair and eyebrows. For the hair we will need the notes of the darkest (or the lightest) color. Cut stripes perpendicularly to the gummed part and stick them to the very top of the bottle, above the eyes. The more time you spend, the more rampant the wig will be. To make the eyebrows, take a couple of sticky notes, cut them almost down to the gummed part, make multiple perpendicular cuts, stir them up and stick above the eyes, giving a desired expression to your creature.


Now it’s high time to remember about the headgear! At the office we have a choice of two: a protective helmet and a fore-and-aft. The helmet served its purpose all the cold winter months long. Spring, on the contrary, is the right time for the garrison cap, especially if we give it a coquettish tilt to the side. If the headgear of your choice falls, you might use the advice of experienced stylists and the cello-tape.


Now take a step back and scrutinize your creature. Like it?! Look where the water comes from, from this moment…

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