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How to change icons: guidelines for inducing coziness

Igor KorolukAuthor: Igor Koroluk
6 September 2007

The use of free iconsIt would not come as a surprise for you that a man always tries to arrange his living within the bounds of his personal idea of beauty: the Amber Room or new IKEA rug, freshly painted cave painting next to the fireplace or a stuffed stuffed sword fish in the conference room — no principal difference here. The motive is always the same.

Turbomilk is happy to help the mankind in its aspiration to make the world a better place and to increase the enthropy to a whole new league. Do you remember our outstanding collections of free icons?

Some still ask how they can change one icon to another. The answer is easy. The most complex thing about it is to come up with a name for a sleepy walrus and what about that golden altar from the Monsters set. Let’s suggest that our test object is the Annual Reports folder.

Mac OS X

  1. For a warm-up lets launch Finder and find the desired folder.

  2. Download and unpack the ZIP-archive with the icons that appeal to you. Done? Excellent!
  3. We launch the dropdown menu with the right click. Choose Get Info and leave to hang there.

  4. Out of the freshly downloaded set we pick a pretty icon and copy it into the clipboard by pushing Command + C.

  5. Let’s get back to the information window for Annual Reports. Left-click the old icon which will instantly turn in a hardly visible romantic blue glow.

  6. Using key combination Command + V on the spot of the old icon we get the new one from the buffer.

  7. Voila!

Besides, you can always use the CandyBar for changing system icons.

Windows XP и Windows Vista

  1. We launch Explorer and locate a folder with an old and boring icon.

  2. Download and unpack ZIP-archive with icons. No way we can do without it.
  3. Right click on the Annual Reports, select Properties from the dropdown menu.

  4. In the popped up Properties window we select Customize tab and push Change Icon.

  5. In the popped up window we will have to choose from a range of standard icon sets. But who really cares about them? Push Browse and pick n icon from the unpacked archive. Click OK!

  6. It’s a miracle! There new icon replaced the old one in its place!


We only can wish luck to you, since if you have Linux, you probably know what to do.

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Nice work on the instructions. However, it might be very useful to me and many others if you could describe the appropriate icon sizes that should be used in each application so that mistakes aren’t made by using the wrong icon sizes. 16×16, 32×32, 64×64, 128×128

Reply irocket, 29 December 2007

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