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SoftFacade vs. Turbomilk

Denis KortunovAuthor: Denis Kortunov
5 May 2011

In honour of WordPress’s thousandth theme, sold in ThemeForest (a huge graphic design store for websites and blogs), a competition for the best themed icon set has been organized. We had to draw WordPress-themed icons and compete with our colleagues from St. Petersburg Softfacade.

It was not easy for us to decide what to draw. We wanted to reflect the original idea of ​​the icons associated with WordPress. Finally we decided to link different epochs of the printing industry: the wooden press of Gutenberg and the modern printing press. And here is what we got:

Icons for WordPress

The competition begins today, and you need to choose the best set of icons. Our opponent is very strong, but we hope to win. Vote for Turbomilk!

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