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Denis KortunovAuthor: Denis Kortunov
29 June 2011

As you might have already noticed, we position Turbomilk as a studio perfect for drawing icons and interfaces without any other aspects of graphical works. In fact, we are clearly more than that. The only thing required from our client is the message: it should be as clear and simple as possible. Some time ago (rather long time ago) we started inventing and drawing characters. This is a traditional direction for studios that are involved in advertising but in the web and interface context it is a new direction.

Drawing characters is rather exciting. Generally characters are requested by interesting clients with audacious projects. So we drew a few of these characters and gathered quite a collection. Now we came up with an idea of showing all of them on a single page. But how? We would what to showcase the characters in some special way! We decided to summon the forces of the old good Parallax and made pictures move with a sense of depth. So, please meet:

Галерея персонажей

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