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Denis KortunovAuthor: Denis Kortunov
2 August 2007

Designers have various dreams and wishes. For instance for so long we have cherished the idea of communicating with the likes to be able to share experience and brag about our new work not over the Web or thru emails but in real life.

It happened that one day we became friends with a web design studio Dominion famous for the sites it developed and produced not only in Samara but countrywide. We became so close friends that we decided to invite them over to our office and setup a small and useful master class for drawing icons in Adobe Illustrator. The magic started with yellow folders, leaves with welted edges and even a model of a 3D kettle. Our guests showed a lot of attention and curiosity.

Turbomilk photoblog on FlickrBesides the master class we had a small banquet and a lot of talking which lead us to thinking that we are, modesty apart, the pillar and the hope of Samara design (at least of the GUI part of it). We also talked a lot about building Samara designers? community.

After the meeting in addition to the great mood and light hangover we had a few pictures left of the event. “How do we make them available to everyone?” we pondered. Think no more! We got Flickr — yet another masterpiece of web-two-o era — convenient and suitable for our task. No sooner said than done!

In the future we are planning of picturing everything related to the life of our studio and Flickr the pics. But, we thought: “Without the past, there is no future. And Turbomilk is turning 5 soon!” So we made this sentimental set of historical pictures.

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