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Denis KortunovAuthor: Denis Kortunov
20 September 2007

Дизайнер за работойWe have an awesome office and we’re proud of it. Location for example is the best possible — the centre of the city, the beautiful bank of Volga river. A way to work is just winsome. And the inside is good too — glassed walls, high ceiling, a giant window with sailing ships and Jiguly mountains behind it.

And also we have a new designer Sergey Kalabin — the master of pixels and antialiasing tamer. The strength of his kung fu is an ancient but still relevant art of pixel. He places pixel by pixel with a “pencil” and creates real masterpieces.

“Sergey, what can we produce by mixing our love to office and yours to pixels?” — we asked him once. “Just the recipe for a pixel office!” — he answered. And the work started.

The pixel art genius stepped out length and width, matched proportions and colours. And finally the work was done! But how to name the piece? Pixel office plan is too boring. The title will be documentary pixel movie “the episodes of Turbomilk’s life” in dimetric projection. Enjoy!

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