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Totally RSS-fed-up

Denis KortunovAuthor: Denis Kortunov
29 June 2007

In our rapidly moving age of blogs, social networks and hordes of web-two-O projects, RSS-channels come as an important tool of information syndication. They feed news, reviews and other updates travelling to us through the Web like hydrogen-powered launchers. Many of our readers are long-time subscribers to our convenient and contemporary RSS-feed.

“Blog is clearly a nice thing to have but what about new projects? Have you all turned into writers out there? Where are the pics?!” an attentive reader would ask. And he would be right; we are a bit lagging behind with the site updates. But things are about to change. As of now not only our new blog posts will find their way to the RSS-feed but also portfolio updates, new free icons and project descriptions. Stay tuned!

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