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MIX 09, March 18-20, Las Vegas

Denis KortunovAuthor: Denis Kortunov
10 March 2009

MIX 09So it happens that I will visit MIX 09, the conference that will be held in March 18–20 in Las Vegas. As a rule, the designers get bored at the events organized by Microsoft due to the high level of technicality. But this time we are promised quite the opposite — a lot of reports on the subject of design, social networks and the future of the Web.

I can only promise you tons of pictures and video clips shot at the conference, packaged and shaped as exciting reports. Dear colleagues, will anyone of you come to Las Vegas this time? Let’s meet right on the spot.

Also, from March 21 until March 25 I will be in San Francisco. If anyone wants to meet, your suggestions are welcome at

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