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How we landed up on Channel One

Denis KortunovAuthor: Denis Kortunov
30 November 2010

A film crew of Channel One — the most prominent and popular channel in Russia — has recently visited our office. The reason for the visit was to record the story about how we thought up and drew the characters for the 2014 Sochi Olympics mascot contest. The main heroes of the report — Igor and Eugenia — were a bit worried and excited but pull themselves together and told us about the creative process.

1TV Interview

More pictures are available on our Flickr account.

The reporter Alfiya Ibragimova was very attentive and carefully studied all the nuances of the characters. We really appreciated the professionalism of the cameraman. The report is likely to be very interesting. It will air on December 4 on Channel One in the News block. We are very glad to be a reason for a positive news topic.

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