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Renewed site running WordPress

Dmitri JoukovAuthor: Dmitri Joukov
15 September 2009

Yesterday we launched the renewed version of our site. Although the main upgrade is concealed from the eyes of regular users: we changed the site’s platform. We used to have MovableType and now we moved to WordPress. We also renewed our home page to feature larger and more vivid pictures and slightly updated the portfolio section.

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Hey guys, may I ask you what exactly was the reason why you chose to change the platform to WordPress? Since I got the idea to create my own blog, I was wondering how many features MovableType 4 has when I saw your website. So would you guys suggest me to use WordPress? Best regards! :)

Reply Czerny, 24 September 2009

We like MovableType, it’s flexible and allows to run multiply sites on single platform. The main feature of MT is possibility to generate static pages of your site, so server maintance is very low and everything works very fast.

But if you site need some dynamic features, like comments it works extremely slow, especially if your site have lots of pages. It happens because of database organization and process of publishing static pages. In other words, when somebody writing comment on you site MT starts to republishing some of your pages and on our site that process had taken up to 30 seconds.

This is the main reason why we choosed wordpress for new version of our site.

So if you need something complex it’s better to use WordPress, but if speed of loading pages is preferable for you – use MovableType.

Reply stenshin, 25 September 2009

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