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Dmitri JoukovAuthor: Dmitri Joukov
23 July 2008

Many of our subscribers witnessed some fluctuations in our RSS feed yesterday. This was caused by the launch of a new version of our site. “So, what’s really new!?”— some careless users may quip. In fact there is a lot new about it.

Our designer Valera has produced a new logo and now Turbomilk the name is also featured in Cyrillic. Our web engineer Alexey has completely revamped the site’s design. The system of comments has been totally renewed: now the comments appear on the site almost instantaneously and can be embedded and quoted. Nasty spammers forced us to turn off the anonymous comments. Just like before you can login with LiveJournal’s account or Vox using OpenID and also you can register directly on our site. Besides, RSS now feeds the complete posts. Brief RSS is also available but at a different URL.

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