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Userpic for the country’s main twitter

Dmitri JoukovAuthor: Dmitri Joukov
19 August 2010

RF President's twitter

The RF President’s twitter is followed by over 60,000 people and bots taking into account only its Russian version. Beside contents, this microblog is also famous for its visual identity (aka userpic). Not many of you know that it was created by Turbomilk.

One warm spring evening we received a letter from Artyom Heller, asking us to create a userpic for the President’s twitter. A userpic to be really proud of for ourselves and for the country. Of course, I dropped whatever I was doing and plunged into studying heraldic documents worryingly sifting through them with my shivering hands. Then I used Illustrator to draw the coat of arms in the requested small size.

Emblem of Russia

We even succeeded in improving the image of Russia in the eyes of the global community. Here is a clear proof:

The hardest part was not to blurt it out prematurely. The wait was worth it: now my parents have finally realized what their son is up to and are really proud of me.

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